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The main goal of the Family Center Foundation is supporting the all-embracing growth of family life, in particular social, cultural, scientific and educational activities.
Undertaken activities concern multiple forms of supporting families. One of the form is psychological consultation. The consultations deal with parenting issues, martial conflicts and communication difficulties within the family.



Our purpose, aims and principles:

1. Support of comprehensive development of family life especially social, cultural, scientific, educational and public benefit activities. 
2. Promoting Family learning through formal and informal educating within the family. Shared educating of family members. 
3. Creating proper conditions of supporting the elders, solidarity between the generations, acting in order to integrate people endangered by social inclusion, protection of human dignity. 
4. Developing enterprise, creativity, reinforcement for innovation, promoting Family Friendly Employment. 
5. Dissemination of national tradition, respect for Christian values, cultivating Polish identity, national and civil awareness as well as cultural heritage.

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